About us

Hi, I’m Christian,

living in  Luxembourg.

I have been into art for quite a long time ever since my youth. I am passionate about art but I also love to connect with other art lovers who share my passion. Inspired by my Luxembourg family I was exploring the Luxembourg contemporary art scene for the past few years. During this time I met amazing artists and got deeply impressed with the quality of their work.

So the idea was born to share with all of you the best I could find in  Luxembourg´s contemporary art scene. With LAC we provide you with an up to date insight of the Luxembourg contemporary art scene and creative industry. All on one curated platform. Enjoy your journey and let me know what you experience and think, and please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me.

Christian Lepsien


Hi, welcome to LAC!

LAC is an independent, digital platform aiming to gather the most exciting positions within the field of fine art and creative industry in Luxembourg.

LAC provides them with a dedicated and curated platform, accessible for people in Luxembourg and beyond. In the format of an interactive blog LAC will continuously present selected artists and representatives of the creative industry such as fashion or interior designers with their work and person.

LAC accompanies the artistic work and gives vivid insights into the personality and the work environment of the artists to be shared with people all around the world.

LAC collaborates with a network of committed people in Luxembourg and abroad who support LAC in it’s mission.

LAC is open to artists from all disciplines as painting, sculpture, photography, video or digital art, as well as all fields of creative and experimental design.

Artists and designers from Luxembourg or with strong connections to Luxembourg can get in touch with us if they are interested to be featured by LAC. The features are free of charge.