Anina Rubin. Expert on glitter and media art.

Anina Rubin

Luxembourg artist, lives and works in Luxembourg.

Video Still 2015 (“Volle Pulle”, single channel video 0:35)
Untitled 2015 – C Print, 160 x 100 cm
Hello Freedom 2015 – C Print, 90 x 90 cm
Untitled 2015 – C Print, 100 x 100 cm
Video Still, 2015 (“Waltz Between my Shadow and my Self”, single channel video 3:22)



Interested in religion. Loves almondbutter sandwiches and martial arts.

Clam Protecting the Divine Pearl 2015 – Polyester, leaves, shell, glitter, ca. 35 cm



Cosmic Antennas 2015 – glitter and metal on Styrofoam balls, without antenna, between 8 cm (right) and 15 cm (middle)
Anina’s working space, with works in progress from summer 2015
Video Still 2014 (“Intrusion”, single channel video 2:19)



Would love to spend more time on studying religions, beliefs and languages.

Video Still 2015 (“TV eight Team: No Unicorn”, single channel video 5:21)
Sunrise view from Anina’s place. Her early morning meditation program, before or with the sunrise, is one of her favorite times of the day.
Purple Mask 2015 – HDPE, ca. 22 x 18 cm (from the installation “New Home featuring The Balloon)


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