Neckel Scholtus. Fille de la campagne. Working on the ephemeral picture.

Wanderlust, Postcard, 2014, © Neckel Scholtus


Neckel Scholtus

Luxembourg artist, lives and works in Luxembourg.

My art is about photographies. I work for example with camera obscura and experiment with the immaterial pictures I receive from that. My art evolves from working on the ephemeral picture – before it has been caught two-dimensionally. I also work on the time-bound translation of historic photographs into the present.


Transit mind, N. 3/5 triptychs, Fine Art Rag, 2014



Founder of the project “Roulot’ographe”, a moving caravan containing a Camera Obscura.

Roulot'ographe, Bourglinster
Roulot’ographe, Bourglinster
Avis au public, digital print, 2011, © Neckel Scholtus
Roulot’ographie, 2013, © Neckel Scholtus


Inspired by old photographs, elderly people, sprouted potatoes, dead flies…

Friday Island -Instant Composing, 2015. Bamhaus Lu, © Marlène Kreins
Périphéries personnelles, 2010, Fine Art Rag, © Neckel Scholtus



Rides her bike everyday and in all weathers. Vacation vs. vocation vs. avocation.

Festival Photo Extravagant, 2015, Sauve/ France, © Guy Richard


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